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About Salty Sailor Co. 

Got the customers thumbs up on the stain
Salty Sailor  Owner & Creator : Tina Prickett

My Name is Tina - but everyone calls me T. 
I was an only child growing up, so creativity came naturally. While I wasn't playing sports, I was either playing with
Legos or building tree houses. 

Growing up in South Jersey is unique. I had the best of both worlds ; Woods & Waves. Not many kids get to adventure 
in acres of woods, or explore the bay in their father’s boat. Where I grew up plays a huge part of inspiration within my work. 

As years passed, my desire to create never dimmed...If anything, it elevated.

One thing about me. I NEVER stop thinking of things to make. From furniture to T shirts; or from a lacrosse invention (Not-a-Knot) to Beef Jerky (Beef Jersey) 

My love language is cooking & creating and I am ok with that. 
I have a constant smile as I work to bring ideas to life. So just know if you ever purchased anything with the name Salty Sailor Co. on it, like Momom always said-I made it with love. 

Please feel free to contact me for any custom ideas. Thanks for taking the time and visiting the site!

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