About Salty Sailor Co. 

Got the customers thumbs up on the stain
Sometimes you can't find what you want..
Salty Sailor Creator : Tina Prickett
Well since it's really just me behind Salty Sailor Co, I suppose I will tell my story rather than a 3rd person fancy narrative.
My Name is Tina -T for short. Growing up in South Jersey, I was either in a tree house, on 96th street or in my father’s boat clamming or fishing.
Immediately after graduating from MTHS in 01',17 year old me left home. I went to College at LIU where I played soccer & lacrosse. I made a home for myself in NY for 12 years. When things got worse with my mothers health, I did the unthinkable and returned back home.
(Something everyone who leaves say they will never do, but always do)
My new room in my best friends house in Avalon Manor was empty and it gave me a fresh start feel. Exactly what I needed...
But what I really needed was a new bed and some decor! So I got to work. I handmade my bed (see pic below), hat racks, shelves and anything else I needed. 
My passion to create grew...
I shared my creations via social media and the feedback was and still is amazing.(THANK YOU!)
And just like that, Salty Sailor Co. was a thing. I have a constant smile as I see my ideas come to life and a genuine heartwarming feeling when I see them in a customer’s home.
Please feel free to contact me for any custom ideas. Thanks for taking the time and visiting the site!
Sometimes you can't find what you want..